DSCO Workshop Proceeding 2073

Bidding Documents:

Annex IB SBD of works NCB upto 6 M

Annex ID SBD of Sealed Quatation Works upto 2M

Annex IE SBD of goods sealed quotation upto1 M

Annex IF SBD of Goods direct purchase-upto 0.3 mil

Annex IG SBD of consulting services direct purchase

Annex IH Consultancy Service (RFP)-Time-based-Lump sum small assignment up to Rs 30 million

Annex-IA SBD Works, (NCB) For Above 6 Million Rupees (Recent amendment) (1)

Annex-IC-5.1.1 SBD of Goods NCB-upto 30 Million



Soil Conservation and Watershed Management Programs/Activities, 2015

      (Definition, Objective, Scope, and Working Strategy),   Version-3      –                                   Download

                       (Green book White book, Version 3)